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Web hosting : how does it work?

What is web hosting?

Let me try to compare the web hosting with a shop where you can store and display your products which you would like to sell. In order to start the shop, you basically require “space to be allocated”.  That is, you need to buy land (space) to construct and run your shop. Without having land, you can’t start a shop to sell your products.

On the internet, your website is your ‘shop’, and web hosting is the ‘piece of land’, where you can store all the files on your website.

When you decide to have your website, a web hosting company provides you space where you can store your website files such as texts, images, audio, video etc.

How does web hosting work?

Let’s say you have hosted your website with HappyBee Host when you give your website URL on your computer browser, your computer connects with HappyBee Host server the via Internet and our webserver serves you the requested files/pages.  This is how you see your website page displayed in your browser.

What are the main things to be considered when choosing a web hosting company?

1) Are there suitable hosting packages available with affordable price?

This is very important the reason being the needs of customers are different.  So a good hosting company should be ready with suitable packages, fulfilling the requirements of customers accordingly.

2)  How good is the support they offer and customer communication?

A good web hosting company value the customer,  they must treat their client’s with most care so that client’s business runs without problems.  There should be 24×7 support via phone, chat, e-mail with absolutely no downtime.  They should also keep their customer’s updated in case of any planned/unplanned outages so that the customer gets time to keep their backup plan ready.

3)  Are they using latest technologies and update regularly?

A good web hosting company should stand top in the market with the use of latest technologies with updated systems, giving no chance to hackers to use the vulnerabilities present in the server.  This ensures customer’s data is safe and there is running in a secured environment.

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