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Welcome to the board.
Meet with the HappyBee Host Team.

HappyBee Host is a group of outstanding IT performers based at Kochi, Kerala. HappyBeeHost is a leading provider of high performance, low-cost web hosting solutions. We operate on a diverse range of flexible products in a highly secured environment coupled with at most customer care. We believe in being leaders rather than followers. Within a short span of time since we have stepped into the competitive web industry, we have left our traces through our competencies, methodologies and business ethics.

HappyBee services include Domain name registration, Web site/E-mail hosting with world leading hosting control panels, and 24×7 customer support. We also provide reseller hosting, dedicated servers and VPS on request which can be used for meeting your business demands.

The team at HappyBeeHost has over 5 years of experience in web hosting technologies, linux OS administration, virtulization techniques and automation projects. We help you to achieve an outstanding status in your professional business through our unique combination skills and our focus on incomparable client services.

We understand customer requirements will be varying and therefore have included many plans which will suit your requirements. We provide complete online solutions wherein you could see, compare and choose your plans and services. All our services will get auto-provisioned and get functional immediately once you opt-in. We have made invoicing, ticketing support system and payment methods fully online without any hidden charges which will ensure hassle-free customer services.

Our mission is to innovate realistic and unique web solutions by professional design strategies. We have the commitment that tends to beyond maximum which ensure our partners about their business growth in an efficient and a professional way.

We are commited with our services.

We are offering great services for customers.

Shared Hosting

Our web hosting solutions suitable for high demanding applications like WordPress, Joomla, magento etc.

Reseller Hosting

It is best suitable for starting your Hosting Business!

Virtual Servers

Budget VPS solutions with easy remote scalability and root access.

Dedicated Servers

Suitable for resource-intensive web applications. Comes with Full root access.

We always give surprise to our customers.
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