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Security Services

Server Hardening

Are you really concerned about security? Server Hardening is the process of improving the server’s security through a variety of measures carried out by our technical security experts. It results a more secure server operating environment. Our Technical experts will send you full work log as soon as they completed the harden in. Hence you can aware what we did on your server to improve the security.

HappyBee Standard Server

HappyBee Standard provides you 24×7 technical support with 1 hour resolution time. This service is only available for the servers with control panel (cPanel or Plesk). This service is available with our Managed Servers without any additional cost. With this managed package, you can contact us when you have an issue and our techs will be happy to assist you.

HappyBee Pro Server

HappyBee Pro is our pro-active managed services option for the servers with control panel (cPanel or Plesk). It’s designed to let us deal with your server and you can focus on running your business. What makes this service special is, we will monitor the services running on your server 24×7 and notify you if anything went wrong. Also, send a weekly health check report of your server which helps you to sleep without any worries at night!

Smart Hands

1 Hour Smart Hands will help you to resolve any technical issue with the help of our experienced technicians. We also support third-party software installations and configurations with this service.